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To nurture young people by instilling in them positive life values, to attain a higher standard of living and acquire the toolset to craft a collaborative and inclusive community, with our next generation maturing to become responsible citizens of our community.

Our Commitment...

Sharing our success with the community in order to help it develop and grow, in particular by focusing on nurturing young people in the community through philanthropic initiatives and upholding corporate social responsibilities, so as to bring about a brighter future for our next generation.

What's New

October 2020

Chinese Music Concerts Coming Soon to Broadway Theatre!

July 2020

GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme’s Facebook page now available!

“We hope that we can continue to work collaboratively with all sectors of Macau to mutually develop our city and to ensure that it remains a great place of prosperity and stability.”

Dr Lui Che Woo, Chairman, Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

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Foundation Initiatives
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