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In operating a sustainable and successful business, the Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is mindful of the impact it has on the community it operates in.  GEG strongly believes in sharing its success with the community in order to help it develop and grow, in particular by focusing on nurturing young people in the community through philanthropic initiatives and upholding its corporate social responsibilities, so as to bring about a brighter future for our next generation.

It is with this commitment that in April 2015, GEG established the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation (the “Foundation”) with the goal of investing in, and giving back to the community.  The Foundation operates independently from GEG, with its own Board of Trustees, and focuses on philanthropic activities to nurture young people by instilling in them positive life values, as well as enhancing their education and employment opportunities. Ultimately, it hopes to enable the next generation to attain a higher standard of living and acquire the toolset to craft a collaborative and inclusive community, with these young people maturing to become responsible citizens of our community.

Collaborating with academia for their subject matter expertise, and partnering with non-governmental organisations which offer their experience in community affairs, the Foundation initiates multi-year projects in achieving the goals set out for these initiatives towards fulfilling the mission of the Foundation and that of GEG, in helping the community develop and grow.  The Foundation also works closely with Government to not only support its policies, but also to influence its policy directions where appropriate.

If you have any queries, please contact us at:


5/F, C. Com. Do Grupo Brilhantismo,
181-187, Ala. Dr. Carlos D'Assumpção,


+853 2822-8160


+853 2822-8360


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