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Chinese Music Concerts Coming Soon to Broadway Theatre!

October 2020

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It is the Foundation’s interest in promoting Chinese Music in Macau and, in particular, audience development focused on young people, that led to the launch of the “GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme”, in collaboration with the Macao Chinese Orchestra.   Chinese music is generally less popular than western music, given limited exposure to it in our daily lives.  It is, however, an important part of Chinese culture that should be popularised and cultivated, especially amongst young people given their unfamiliarity with Chinese music.

Macau Chinese Orchestra has just announced its 2020-21 season programmes and the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation is proud to participate as the Orchestra’s “Special Art Patron” for the upcoming season, through the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme.

See details of the GEG Chinese Music Concert Series & Extension Programmes on Intangible Cultural Heritage in the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme….

Press Release

7 October 2020 | PDF

[Cultural Affairs Bureau] Macao Chinese Orchestra inaugurates new 2020-2021 Concert Season

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