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GEG Chinese Music Extension Programme: Taoist Music

October 2020

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Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion and philosophy.  Music has long played an integral part in religious ceremonies, and Taoist music therefore plays an important role in in Taoist ceremonies, to inspire religious followers to attain inner harmony.  The “GEG Intangible Cultural Heritage Scheme” complements the series of performances by the Macao Chinese Orchestra themed along Cultural Intangible Heritages with an Extension Series on Taoist Ritual Music, with a talk by Taoist Priest Ng Peng Chi of the Macao Taoist Association.  Mr Ng will speak on the history and historical development of Taoist music, its characteristics, and preservation and promotion of this intangible cultural heritage.

Date: 31st October 2020 (Saturday)

Time & Place: 14:30-15:30 at the Mandarin House

Free Admission for audience ages 6 and up

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