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GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme’s Facebook page now available!

July 2020

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The GEG Chinese Literacy Education And Research Project (GEG-CLEAR) is funded by the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation to promote quality Chinese literacy education for young children. Built upon the successful experience from its pilot implementation in 2016, the project is entering a new phase under a collaboration with the University of Saint Joseph, augmented with a research component to provide professional development for teachers, develop small-group learning support for students, and to organize seminars on language and literacy acquisition for parents.

The Facebook page for the Scheme is now available on

Follow us to find out how to select age-appropriate storybooks for young children, how to practise and engage children in shared reading, with featured articles and videos on how parents can help support their children to build a strong foundation in Chinese Literacy.

We are also on WeChat – add us as “friend”! WeChat ID: GEG_CLEAR

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"GEG.CLEAR is on facebook now!" Poster

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