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GEG Holds Parenting Skills Training for Team Members

June 2020

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The Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation appreciates the importance of parenting education, teaching parents how to raise and nurture their children. This is especially crucial for parents with young children who are shift workers working irregular hours, given their prevalence in the hospitality and gaming industries in Macau. As a result, the Foundation piloted the GEG Parenting Education Scheme, which included a trial offering to team members at the Galaxy Entertainment Group.

The Galaxy Entertainment Group, an employer who values the well-being of its team members and their family lives, strives to help team members create a harmonious family environment. During the pandemic with school closures which resulted in parents having to spend more time with their children at home, GEG decided to offer a second round of parenting education to its team members, including extending the training to non-rostered team members. 200 members of staff took advantage of the offer, with team members able to attend the training during their workhours so as not to cut into their family time.

Press Release

11 June 2020 | PDF

GEG Holds Parenting Skills Training for Team Members for the Second Year

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