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GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme: Family Musical Theatre Coming Soon!

May 2021

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GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme Family Musical Theatre Concert “Musical Magic Wand Prequel”

Sunday June 6, 2021, Broadway Theatre

As part of the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme, the family musical theatre concert “Musical Magic Wand Prequel” will be performed by the Macao Chinese Orchestra at the Broadway Theatre on Sunday June 6, 2021.  In collaboration with the Big Mouse Kids Drama Group, the Orchestra, led by young conductor Bei Di, will present a number of famous tunes, including “The Fight between the Ox and the Tiger” by Wang Guojie, “Kung Fu” by Li Bochan and “Ebullient Plucked Strings” by Wang Danhong, to introduce to the audience the four “voices” of Chinese music.  Children ages 3 and over are welcome to attend the concert.  For more details, please visit the Macao Chinese Orchestra’s website at

Furthermore, the Foundation will invite young students from local schools to enjoy the show with their parents. With Chinese music being an important part of Chinese culture, it is the Foundation’s wish that Chinese Music can be popularized and cultivated, especially amongst young people in Macau.

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