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GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme: Online Parents Seminar

December 2020

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GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme - Online Parents Seminars

28th November 2020 - University of Saint Joseph

Almost 200 sets of parents from Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima, together with their kindergarten-aged children, attended Parents Seminars conducted by the Project Team of the GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme on Saturday 28th November 2020.

A morning and afternoon session of the Parents Seminar were held on the day.  The morning session covered “Shared Reading” for K2 parents, and “Readiness for Chinese Literacy Success in Primary School” for K3 parents.  Despite the sessions having to be conducted via video-conferencing due to social distancing measures and with various of the speakers having to connect over the internet from Hong Kong, the two seminars were successfully held.  Both parents and children were most engaged, which included practice sessions on shared reading, and online interactive games being played with picture books for prize winners!

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