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5 a.m.

Oil Painting Exhibition






From the ups and downs of living in today’s complicated times…our wanderings on the unknown paths…exploring and pursuing dreams and ambitions…we have no refuge…

Even in the middle of the night, emotions are intertwined…thoughts come easily and feed anxieties in the dark, disrupting sleep. Yet, at five o’clock in the morning, at the juncture where the confines of the night begin to melt and dissolve, the artist arises to open his senses to the start of another day to ponder life questions, allowing him to observe and record many different scenarios, using his daytime experiences to guide his artistic path.

5.a.m. is an exhibition representing a collection of more than 40 pieces of (oil painting) works created between the late 1990s and 2020s in the city of Macao, where the artist lived and witnessed this vibrant society, transforming his observations and perspectives into forms of art that reflect the situations he experienced.

Visitors will be surrounded by a vibrant symphony of colour and emotion as they wander around the exhibition and absorb it from various angles, giving visitors the sensation of walking into the paintings.

There is no pretense or arrogance in these works; yet there are stories in each of them, and as you wander from room to room you will notice a change of emotions. You might find the stories to be familiar, or you may not, as each artwork will evoke different imaginings and meanings in the eyes of every viewer, according to the experiences they bring to the work

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Local artist Yuen Wai-Ip's life has always been intertwined with painting. His passion for art and painting has started from a very young age. He is skilled in sketching and water colour, however, he decided to choose oil painting as his creative medium. 

A native of Macau, Yuen has watched his city evolve since the 1980s. Yuen does not paint landscapes or street scenes; rather, working with contemporary themes, he ventures far beyond mere observations. He seeks, ponders, lives and feels. He depicts human emotions and inner feelings that are abstract, intangible and complex. His painting tell stories, some of which may be familiar and which leave room for interpretation. In his four solo exhibitions between 2003-2010, his works organized into "chapters", just like a novel .

As you follow him through his ‘chapters’, you will slowly recognize the clues which he has cleverly interwoven into each piece for his audience’s understanding. As you take an even closer look, you will notice that he is not without skills. Instead, he has meticulously communicated every thought and emotion with each brush stroke. Be it long or short, quick or slow, or repeatedly overlapping compositions with a myriad of colors, everything has a meaning, a reflection of his mood at that particular time. You are transported into his world where you can feel his emotions – sometimes lighthearted, sometimes tense, sometimes heavy and deep. Oil painting lends a voice to his soul and is a window to his personality. He conveys the disconnect between ideology and reality and the separation that comes with time.

Yuen is also the appointed designer-in-charge of the local art and cultural venues G17 (Ceramic Art) Gallery, G32 Gallery*, Macau Story House at 6 Rua Nova de Sao Lazaro and Hall de Cultura at 9 Beco da Felicidade in Macau.

Through this exhibition “5 a.m.”, we can witness the journey of a local artist who has had the courage to stay true to his heart and soul, in his pursuit of art and all the beauty and goodness it embodies.


* G32 Gallery is one of the successful examples of building revitalization in Macao. From the formal takeover, planning, design to onsite project work, it took less than half a year, and the designer successfully turned the dilapidated building into a residential creative space rich in social and cultural value.


Get messy and enjoy a series of children art activities at GalaxyArt! Our young and knowledgeable docents will introduce little minds to art appreciation in a simple and fun way. They will take a special tour around the exhibition ‘5 a.m.’ before being seated in a short learning session, teaching them fundamental art knowledge. Then, they will be guided to create their unique works by using various media and their aesthetic sense. Come and join us and be inspired!

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Specially curated guided tours are provided for local schools during the exhibition period.  Conducted by GalaxyArt docents, tours will be arranged according to your students’ ages and subjects; transportation allowance is also available.

Available time slots for school guided tours:

Monday to Friday – 10AM to 10PM

Saturday – 10AM to 1PM

Tour duration:

60 minutes (including guided tour and free visit)

Recommended for:

Primary One students or above


(853) 2822 8160 GEG Foundation (Ms Lo / Ms Chiang)

Download "School Guided Tour Application Form"


"5 a.m." Oil Painting Exhibition
Exhibition Corner
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27 Sep, 2022


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