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Summer love
Summer love


Artists-in-Residence: Summer Love

Live Mural Painting and Exhibition






Enjoy art in action with our artists-in-residence at GalaxyArt! The vibrant and exciting cultural event "Artists-in-Residence: Summer Love" showcases the works of talented Macau and Hong Kong artists who will transform GalaxyArt into a live art studio. Watch them as they turn a wall into their canvas, feel their creative energy as they fill it with colors and images inspired by summer in Macau and Hong Kong.

Celebrating the return of the authentic summer experience where everyone is free to roam and explore, a group of contemporary artists from Hong Kong and Macau gather together to share their personal motifs, stories and artistic interpretations of "Summer Love" against the backdrop of Macau.

Love is sharing. This event aims to bring today’s artists and art lovers together through live performances, putting the latter in the heart of the action as the artists transform white walls intro truly remarkable art pieces. This unique opportunity lets you engage in the instinctive process of creation and connect with the artists in open dialogue.

Our artists-in-residence are*: Bao Ho (Hong Kong), Kristopher Ho (Hong Kong), MCZ (Macau), PIBG (Macau) and Samantha Cheung (Hong Kong). These artists will also conduct respective workshops for your participation.

Join us and witness the power of art as a group of talented individuals turn walls, the symbol of separation, into a means of sharing and connecting with people.

*In chronological order


Bao Ho

Bao Ho is a Hong Kong based self-taught artist well known for her freestyle murals and illustrations. Her artworks are distinctively monochromatic with tightly packed figures – human bodies, animals, flowers and patterns. Bao Ho has collaborated with different international brands to transform her mural works into other forms of art.

Bao Ho started her professional career in 2015. She has travelled and worked on projects in all corners of the globe including Australia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, the Czech Republic and more.

Kristopher Ho

Kristopher Ho is a Hong Kong based artist and illustrator. He graduated from graphic design at Central Saint Martins of Art and Design, and started his career in Hong Kong in 2012. With markers as his tool of choice, he creates monochromatic and highly intricate murals and illustrations. His works are characterized by impactful strokes and intricate details.

Kristopher Ho has been active within the street art community since 2015, and has been participating in various street art festivals such as POW! WOW! Hong Kong, Brisbane Street Art Festival and HKwalls.


PIBG is a Macau graffiti artist. His artwork is full of vitality with playful graphic elements and contrasting bright colors. You may find two recurring motifs in his artwork – “Love Messenger” which represents his determination to boldly pursue what he loves, and “The Gem” symbolizing his work as a gift to everyone in Macau.

PIBG started creating graffiti since the late 90s. He has organized the Outloud International Street Art Festival – Macau’s largest street art event since 2017, and the festival has been listed as one of the programs of Art Macao.

Samantha Cheung

Samantha Cheung is a self-taught calligrapher and mural artist born and raised in Hong Kong. Having started off with western calligraphy in 2016, she later began to write and draw on larger surfaces like chalkboards and walls. Her style is versatile, often featuring a vintage look with detailed and intricate lines. By combining the beauty of calligraphy with ornamental drawings, Samantha Cheung creates her own brand of elegant art.


MCZ is a Macau local visual artist specializing in graffiti art. As a member of GANTZ5 – a local graffiti crew, he devotes himself to advocating street art and graffiti culture. His style is a mixture of contemporary figurative and abstraction. He is recognized for his trademark graffiti works with impressive 3D effects and is interested in illustration and character design. He also makes sculptures and installations to promote public art, bringing positive energy to the community with his creations.

Bao Ho
Kristopher Ho
Samantha Cheung


Bao Ho - Love Across the Sea (Left)
Bao Ho - Love Across the Sea (Right)
Kristopher Ho - The Prologue
Kristopher Ho - CONNECTION
PIBG - Oxygen
PIBG - Some Blue
Samantha Cheung - The Story (Left)
Samantha Cheung - The Story (Middle)
Samantha Cheung - The Story (Right)
MCZ - Happy
MCZ - Sweet
MCZ - Treats
Opening Event
Opening Event
Artists' Group Photo
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下午3时及5时, 2023年4月8日
Brush Lettering Calligraphy Workshop (Samantha Cheung)
下午3时及5时, 2023年4月9日
Spray Painting on Canvas (MCZ)
下午3时及5时, 2023年4月23日
University Art Student Conversation & Mini Art Battle (Kristopher Ho)
下午3时及5时, 2023年4月30日
Graffiti Bottle Vase Workshop (PIBG)
下午3时及5时, 2023年5月6日
Ocean Waves Painting Workshop (Bao Ho)
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