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GEG Foundation Promotes Chinese Music to the Community

March 2022

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GEG Foundation Promotes Chinese Music to the Community

February 2022

To promote Chinese music in the Macau community, Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation became the “Special Arts Partner” of the Macao Chinese Orchestra (“OCHM”) for the second consecutive year through the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme, with the presentation of OCHM’s first of three concerts this season at the Broadway Theatre, the Valentine’s Day “A Romantic Date” Concert.  Furthermore, GEG Foundation, in its first time collaboration with the Macao Youth Chinese Orchestra, presented a Young People’s Concert - “Chinese Music 101” – which was also held at Broadway Theatre of Broadway Macau™.  To encourage the local community to engage in cultural and arts exchanges, GEG and GEG Foundation arranged for members of different local community groups, teachers and students from local schools, and GEG team members and their children to attend the concerts, aimed at promoting Chinese music and Chinese traditional culture in the Macau community whilst enriching their artistic lives.

GEG and GEG Foundation invited a total of nearly 200 people, including elderly members of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions, students majoring in Music at the Macao Polytechnic Institute, elementary school students from Escola Fukien, and members of the GEG Volunteer Team to attend the Valentine’s Day “A Romantic Date” Concert on February 11, 2022.  Through this initiative, GEG and the Foundation aimed to share the joy of Chinese music with the public, embed Chinese music in the community, and raise public interest.

For the Young People’s Concert held on February 19, 2022, GEG and GEG Foundation invited over 200 teachers and students from five local schools, GEG team members and their children to enjoy the “Chinese Music 101” programme.  The concert also offered young musicians an opportunity to perform in a formal and professional orchestra setting, motivating local students to further explore and appreciate Chinese music.

Through these collaborations, GEG Foundation hopes to help with developing and nurturing our next generation of audience in Chinese music in Macau, with the ultimate aim to promote and popularise Chinese music especially for the younger audience.  For further details about the Scheme, please visit the webpage of GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme.

Press Release

24 February, 2022 | PDF

GEG Promotes Chinese Music to Community and Team Members

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