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Intangible Cultural Heritage: Cheongsam Workshop

June 2020

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The theme of this year's “China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day”, on 13th June, is " Intangible Cultural Heritage Legacy, Healthy Lifestyle".  To celebrate the China Culture and Natural Heritage Day, the Cultural Affairs Bureau held a number of events to introduce the link between cultural intangibles and our daily lives, therefore raising public awareness of the importance of preservation and protection of intangible cultural heritage.    

The "Cheongsams and Chinese Wedding Dresses Demonstration Workshop", held on June 20-21 at the Yuqing Mansion of the Mandarin’s House, was co-organized by the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation and presented by the Hulu Culture Promotion Association.  The workshops showcased demonstration and talks from a cheongsam master tailor and an owner of a Chinese wedding dress shop, who elaborated on the making of cheongsams and Chinese wedding dresses (Qún Guà or 裙褂), enabling participants to gain and in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the design and tailoring of these Chinese costumes.

Cheongsam Workshop
June 20-21 2020 – Mandarin House

The term cheongsam is a romanisation of the Cantonese words 長衫, literally translated as “long shirt/dress”, which was popularized in Shanghai in the early 1920s.  Originally, the term Cheongsam refers to an exclusively male garment, with the female version formally known as the qípáo (旗袍). The making of Chinese style Cheongsams involves complex and meticulous tailoring, which requires well-honed and refined techniques acquired through years of apprenticeship and experience.  The tailoring of women's cheongsams accentuates the figures of women, while men's gowns symbolizes a certain status in society, of being learned and cultured.  Cheongsams for brides becomes an even more elaborate and traditional form of the attire, called Qún Guà (裙褂).


Cheongsam Master Tailor – Mr Ng
Owner of Chinese Wedding Dress Shop – Mr Wong

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