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GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-enrolment Pilot Scheme

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GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-enrolment Pilot Scheme - Part 1

In 2018, the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation launched the “GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-enrolment Pilot Scheme” in one kindergarten and one nursery in Macau.  Under the Scheme, one teacher and a deaf teaching assistant co-teach using both spoken and sign languages in the inclusive classroom, with hearing-impaired children attending class together with other hearing children.  The Scheme expects to help build a solid language foundation for hearing-impaired students through the simultaneous use of sign and spoken languages, enhancing their overall literacy and language abilities.  Hearing children attending the classes are also expected to benefit from the practice, as their language development will be enhanced through exposure to sign language.  In addition, the Scheme believes that this learning environment can also cultivate the students’ empathy for the less fortunate.

GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-enrolment Pilot Scheme - Part 2

In order to support teachers and their deaf teaching assistant to co-teach in the “GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-enrolment Pilot Scheme”, the Chinese University of Hong Kong offers sign language training to these teachers, and visits the school regularly to closely monitor the project’s progress and provide ongoing training and advice to teachers and school administrators.  With the participation of the Catholic Diocese of Macau, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, the Social Welfare Bureau and the Labour Department in the pilot, the Scheme hopes that its positive result will eventually be fully recognised and supported by the government, enabling the Scheme to continue its implementation as these students progress through their academic careers.

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